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Previous Entry weird things Sep. 22nd, 2005 @ 12:18 pm Next Entry
Well, since I've gotten pregnant, I've obviously not been concentrating on weight loss, but I'm noticing odd things - I seriously think my body likes being pregnant.

I already look like I did at 5 months with Walt. But I'm noticing that my butt and legs and arms are shrinking, as my belly grows. I'm only assuming this is because I'm actually drinking lots of fluids, and eating less junk (Because it makes me really sick to eat it. I guess that's a good thing). I'm eating more veggies and fruits.

Just to illustrate my point - the jeans I was wearing this spring - the ones that were the size 15 - I have been wearing them instead of maternity pants because even the maternity pants would fall off me. But now these are falling off me. For a little while, they fit OK. The size 13s I have fit fairly well, but the button on them is right where the baby is, so it's not comy to sit in. And the tens fit, except for not buttoning around my already pregnant belly.

Weighed in at 165 when I was at the doctors office the other day - so I've gained maybe 5, 10 pounds in this whole getting pregnant scheme - I'm pretty sure most of it is water retension. My fingers are all sausagey, and my ankles are filling out. Gotta cut the salt. I figure I'll end up around 180 again, and have to slowly work my way down.

Too bad I'm not like, 5'6" instead of 5'1" - then I could still look pretty decent at 180. Stupid shortness.
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